This new advertiser area is about growing your business and letting the consumer know that you have products and services they need.

We will be trialing this method of getting you noticed, using past and existing clients and suppliers who have shown VR Media loyalty. Our aim is to repay that commitment by attracting more interest for your business over the trial period.

Above you will see a large 700pixel x 250pixel ad placeholder that will contain an advertisement, a picture of your goods or services or photo of your premises. Underneath the placeholder (currently in the area where this text is displayed) will be a description of your business and the services that you can provide along with any links or contact details you require.

Our plan is to expand the directory and create community awareness of the businesses that are displayed in it. Consumers and participating businesses will then have an exciting new forum of networking and displaying their goods and services.

If you are interested in being a part of this innovative approach to community awareness…

contact us now.