Because of bandwith issues the 2013 Newsletter is in the process of being redesigned

VR Media has been experiencing bandwidth issues in the last few months. Whether this has been because my clients have incredible product and services to offer and my website plainly can not keep up with the traffic or because there has been an unusually heavy amount of gawkers hotlinking to my site - I have not the expertise or the time to investigate.

So to be fair to my loyal clients, customers and the general public who wish to be informed of the amazing products and services on offer here…I have decided to redesign the newsletter.

Over the next few weeks this section of the website will be rebuilt to accommodate static news for my clients to display their products and services. The issue before was that previously there was a comment section for each article. This in turn left the website vulnerable to an incredible amount of comments and unfortunately massive amounts of spam. 11,500 hits or 20GB of it just for January 2013.

The 2013 Newsletter will still include an image and article about the customer/client together with basic contact details for them, but for the immediate future there will not be an area for commenting. Simply a link to take you directly to their website, a phone number or disguised email address.

My aim, as always is to build your businesses and create a local network for all your customers to get in touch with you.

So watch this space…